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You know that feeling back in school, when you had to do a presentation for class but you NEVER felt like doing it. You had 3 weeks, so why start on day one?

You were always able to just get it done on the last day — it might not be perfect but you still get a B or C+.

I already told you about Parkinson’s law, so this won’t come as a surprise but settings yourself a deadline will give you some pressure to do the task at hand — and finish it quicker than you might have thought.

Pick a reasonable timeline for every chunk of work

It won’t help you setting a deadline which puts so much pressure on you that you cannot breathe. …

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Todoist is a powerful tool. Find out my best todoist tips on how you can leverage it to unlock your full potential.


In the last couple of years, I was on the hunt for the best productivity system, app, and program to help me get things done better. First of all, don’t look for “THE” program to help you get things done. If you don’t take action, nothing will get done. You already know my favorite apps I use regularly, but todoist is the most powerful for me.

But a good setup can make it a lot easier to achieve everything. …



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